Access and Facilities

Access & Facilities

The Nursery operates from a shared building managed by YMCA Cornwall. It has a separate entrance and fully secure outdoor area. The nursery comprises of entrance/ reception where parents and visitors sign in. The entrance leads into the main nursery room which has underfloor heating with an enclosed kitchen area. There is a corridor which leads to the back door and the secure garden play area with safety flooring and paved path areas.

The garden has an outside tap and sink, there is a wigwam framed climbing equipment which provides an opportunity for children to climb/ slide and use as a den in an area covered with wood chippings. A raised sandpit area is at the bottom of the garden with one side a border of herbs and sensory plants and the opposite bamboo which creates a natural screen and area for play. Pipes are fixed to the fence to allow children to experiment with cars and balls rolling down. Chalk boards and white boards are fixed to the fence. Four poles are used to fix a shade across the main play area outside and is used to protect children during play in the sun. At the bottom of the poles tyres are filled with soil and are used to grow plants and flowers throughout the year.

A wooden shed is utilised for storage but also used as a role play area. The side alley of the building has been enhanced with wooden stumps for seats and tree stump as a table.  A coloured gazebo cover provides cover and offers an area to sit and share snack in the hot afternoons. There is a wooden den and xylophone on the outside wall. Pipes are fixed so that the children can experiment and use to make sounds into. A pergola has plants growing across to promote nature and provide a natural sun screen. Water play is promoted with water cans. Large tyres are used and black trays are placed upon them on, for a variety of play experiences. Access points at front and back are flat and level and suitable for wheelchair use.