Learning & Development

Each child is allocated a key worker when they start with us, this is your point of contact and it is their role to build up a trusting relationship with you, your child and family. On entry to the nursery Base Line Assessments are completed to give the nursery staff an understanding of where the child sits in the development framework, these assessments are then reviewed with the parent after 6 weeks. The nursery staff observe and plan accordingly for the individual child. Weekly observations are recorded in the child’s Learning Journey on their tapestry account and are used to plan next steps in the development framework. It is these observations which help us to identify any areas where extra support may be needed.

How we identify and support children’s learning and development needs

The nursery builds strong links with parents, sharing information from the first settling in visit. Parents are asked to complete an information sharing sheet which covers their child’s likes and dislikes, routines, family information. Observations carried out during the nursery day build a picture of children’s individual development and highlights any areas where additional support may be needed. The nursery staff work very closely with parents offering support and, in some cases seeking the advice of outside professionals.

Ways we inform parents about how their child is being supported

The nursery promotes strong links with home and encourages parents to be involved in their child’s nursery experiences and learning. At settling in visits parents are involved in their child’s Base Line Assessment and at review. The nursery carries out termly Summative Reports which are shared with the parents and 2 Year Checks are produced with input from parents. The nursery operates an Open Door Policy and parents are welcome to come into nursery and speak to the Nursery Manager or Key Worker whenever it is convenient for them.  Feedback is offered at every session about ‘what we have been learning, eating etc.’ by all staff. A notice board is on display for all parents detailing learning objectives for the week; theme, phonics, numeracy, snack time foods, news.

Learning Journeys on tapestry are shared between nursery and home; emails, a closed Facebook page, newsletters are used help to keep parents informed on weekly learning activities.  IEPs are drawn up with parents, Key Worker and the nursery’s SENCO, outside professional support will be sourced once we have parental permission.