Links with Schools

How We Support Children Transferring To School

Mullion Nursery has built up a very strong link with our local primary school. This enables us to provide a solid framework for transition to school. Working closely with parents and the school we offer the opportunity for teachers to come into nursery and observe the children in their learning environment. We feel that this works very well as children are confident in their surroundings where they feel secure and are supported by their peers, staff and parents.

Key workers and the nursery manager attend phonic sessions with some of the children’s settling in visits at school and also attend lunch and some school assemblies. During the summer term we also participate in the Sports Day. With parents’ permission we share Summative Reports and IEP’s with the class teacher. Teachers are invited to attend meetings with parents when held to promote and share good practice and support the transition to school.

We also promote communication with children attending dual settings with communication books, emails and visits supporting the children.